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*Exklusiver Abholpreis in der Harmonie bis 1 Tag vor Veranstaltungsbeginn.

LOVE GHOST Love Ghost hat mit den jüngsten Single-Veröffentlichungen wie „Wolfsbane“, „Peace=Madness“ und „FREAK „Peace=Madness“ und „FREAK“, die alle vom Rolling Stone, American Songwriter und FLAUNT vorgestellt. „Die Welt der […]


Love Ghost hat mit den jüngsten Single-Veröffentlichungen wie „Wolfsbane“, „Peace=Madness“ und „FREAK „Peace=Madness“ und „FREAK“, die alle vom Rolling Stone, American Songwriter und FLAUNT vorgestellt.

„Die Welt der Genre-defizierenden Rock-Hybriden ist gerade cooler geworden, dank des Quartetts Love Ghost… auch die Fähigkeit der Band, zeitgenössische Trap- und Hip-Hop-Beats
in ein gitarrengetriebenes Universum, das mehr Möglichkeiten als Routine bietet. Love Ghost könnten einfach das 2021 gehören, und ehrlich gesagt können wir es kaum erwarten.“ — Alternative Press,

„Die neue Musik, die von Love Ghost kommt, ist einfach unsere Erzählung der Dinge, die in unserem Leben unserem Leben passiert“, sagt Frontmann Finnegan Bell. „Diese Songs sind für mich wirklich alle durch die Zeit miteinander verbunden. Wir befinden uns in einer verrückten Phase der Geschichte, und deshalb schreiben wir auch verrückte Musik.“

Love Ghost sind bekannt für ihre hyper-expressiven Songs und bestehen aus Bell (Leadgesang, Gitarre), Ryan Stevens (Bass, Gesang), Daniel Alcala (Gitarre, Tontechniker, Backing Vocals) und Cory Batchler (Keyboards, Produktion, Backing Vocals) und Danielle Gallardo (Schlagzeug und Backing Vocals).

Der Emo-Trap-Rock von LOVE GHOST kombiniert Live-Gitarren, Bass und Schlagzeug mit Trap-808-Beats und elektronischen Elementen. Ihre Musik bewegt sich zwischen ätherischem Grunge und unkonventionellem Schlafzimmer-Hip-Hop, unterstrichen durch emotionale Darbietung, luftige Hooks und ernsthaftes musikalisches Können. Die Band wurde in vielen Publikationen erwähnt, vor allem im Rolling Stone Magazine, Alternative Press, American Songwriter, V13, Huffington Post, Vent, UPROXX, Yellow & Black, The Deli Magazine, New Noise, Ghettoblaster Magazine, American Pancake, Grimygoods, XSNoize, und viele andere. Sie wurden in offiziellen Playlists auf Spotify (New Noise mehrmals, All New Rock, Smells Like Stream Spirit und Alternative Beats), Apple Music (Breaking Hard Rock wiederholt, New in Rock, Fresh Blood und Rise and Grind), SoundCloud (Fresh Pressed, Amped Rock, und Rock for Running) und Pandora (New Punk Now, zahlreiche Male). Sie waren in den U.S. Alternative Radio Charts für 2 Monate im Jahr 2020 und erneut im 2021. Ihre Songs haben Millionen von Streams und Views auf allen Plattformen generiert. Die Band tourte bereits durch Irland, Japan und Ecuador (alles noch während der Schule). Ihre Musikvideos haben über hundert Preise bei Filmfestivals auf der ganzen Welt gewonnen.

LOVE GHOST line-up:

Finnegan Bell (lead vocals, guitar), Ryan Stevens (bass, vocals), Daniel Alcala (guitar, engineer, backing vocals), Cory Batchler (keys, production, backing vocals) and Danielle Gallardo (drums and backing vocals).

VIDEOS (kleine Auswahl):

Love Ghost „Fade Away (Shave My Head)“ [official music video]:
Love Ghost „Closure“ [official music video]:
Love Ghost „Pink Car“ [official music video]:
Love Ghost, Cameron Azi, Lucy Loone „HEI$t“ [official music video]:
Love Ghost „Angel With a Smoking Gun“ [official music video]:
Love Ghost „I’ll be fine“ [official music video]:
Love Ghost „Shine Like Gold“ [official music video]:
Love Ghost „Heart Shaped Box“ [official music video]:


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Love Ghost „Fade Away (Shave My Head)“ [official music video]:
Falls weitere Videos sind möglich: Cocoon: 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐆𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐭 – „ℂ𝕠𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕟“ [official music video]

𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐆𝐡𝐨𝐬𝐭 – „ℂ𝕠𝕔𝕠𝕠𝕟“ [official music video]

Und „Peace=Madness“: Love Ghost – „Peace=Madness“ (official music video)

Love Ghost – „Peace=Madness“ (official music video)

Scarlet Rebels
FULL EPK (includes music files, artwork, lyrics and photos):
First singles from new album –

Wayne Doyle, frontman with Welsh rockers Scarlet Rebels, was watching TV in the middle of the pandemic when he found his anger rising. Some faceless British politician – he can’t remember which one, mainly because they mostly look the same – was shamelessly taking credit for footballer Marcus Rashford’s successful campaign to reinstate free school meals for children during those difficult times.
“This guy was basically hijacking something someone else had done,” says Wayne, the ire still evident in his voice. “I was watching these politicians coming on the news every day, trotting out absolute bullshit and using the world’s downturn to make a profit for themselves. And no one from the other side was calling them out in it. Politics is so corrupt. It needs a kick up the arse.”
This state of affairs inspired the title track of the Llanelli five-piece’s stellar new album, See Through Blue. Over a steadily intensifying musical backdrop that evokes such musical icons as Bruce Springsteen and latter-day Johnny Cash, Wayne crucifies a ruling elite guilty of “gaslighting a whole goddamn nation to push your contracts through.” The striking album cover illustrates the point – created by Carl Cozier of Holy Moly Design, it features Prime Minister Boris Johnson standing at a podium, casting a demonic shadow.
All the rage and fear and uncertainty of recent times has been poured into the album’s 11 tracks, resulting the rarest of rock’n’roll albums: one with a sense of purpose. But where the title song and anthemic first single Storm – which questions whether people are prepared for the aftershocks of both the pandemic and the government’s high-level malfeasance – are both fuelled by a righteous sense of injustice, other bolder, emotions also shine through.
“There’s a lot of defiance and hope on this album,” says Wayne of songs such as euphoric opener I’m Alive and gasoline-fuelled arena-filler-in-waiting Take You Home. “To those who feel alone, raise your hands and we’ll take you home,” he sings on the latter.
“There’s a little bit of a mental health element to it,” says Wayne of the song’s underlying theme. “If you need help, put your hand up. We wanted to have a really positive message.”
Scarlet Rebel’s sound is as broad as their ambition. The five-piece – completed by lead guitarist Chris Jones, second guitarist/keyboard player Josh Townshend, bassist Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde and the frontman’s brother, drummer Gary Doyle – fuse the rocket-powered energy of classic hard rock bands such as Guns N’ Roses and Aerosmith with the vital modern edge of alt-rock giants like the Foo Fighters on songs such as I Can Sleep Now and Everything Changed. Elsewhere, Scarlet Rebels mine the same seam of timeless, vivid songwriting as Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.
“My thing has always been to write songs that go somewhere, that tell a story,” he says. “I don’t want us to be a band who just write songs for the sake of it.”
See Through Blue is Scarlet Rebels’ second album, following 2019’s acclaimed Show Your Colours, but their roots go further back. Wayne, Gary and Pricey put together the band V0iD in their hometown of Llanelli in the late 00s, releasing three acclaimed albums under that name before deciding it was time to shake things up. Changing their name to Scarlet Rebels, the original trio were soon joined by Chris Jones and Josh Townshend – the latter the nephew of The Who legend Pete Townshend.
“When I met Josh for the first time, he had a signed Les Paul – as in, it had been signed by Les Paul himself, which was amazing,” says Wayne. “He was being cagey about it, but I kept pushing him, and eventually he said, ‘My uncle got it signed. He’s a guy named Pete and he plays in the Who.’ I’m, like, ‘Your uncle is Pete Townshend!?’ But he’s so laid back about it, it’s not a big deal to him.”
The name Scarlet Rebels was inspired by the band’s local rugby team, the Llanelli Scarlets. “Growing up where we did, you either play rugby or form a band, and I was never big enough to play rugby,” laughs Wayne. “But we wanted to have that link to where we’re from. Plus, it’s a rock’n’roll colour, red.”
Like all the great bands, Scarlet Rebels have a deep connection to where they come from. A fiercely working-class town on the South Wales coast, Llanelli’s DNA is embedded deep within the band.
“Growing up, you take the place you’re from for granted, but all your experiences are shaped by it,” he says. “Coming from Llanelli has given us a really strong work ethic. We’ve been told so many times we need to move to London. I was, like, ‘Why? Why do I need to do that?’ We’ve had to scrap every single inch to get where we are, but we’ve done it on our terms.”
That stubbornness has paid off. See Through Blue is released on Earache, the star-making label responsible for the careers of Rival Sons, The Temperance Movement and Blackberry Smoke – company Scarlet Rebels are happy to be in.
“The rock’n’roll scene is so vibrant right now,” says Wayne. “People want the big songs and the solos and the singalongs. We want to be part of that, of course, but we’re trying to make ourselves different.”
With See Through Blue, Scarlet Rebels have delivered on that promise. Few bands marry arena-sized modern anthems with classic song writing with as much passion and skill as they do. Fewer still are brave and bold enough to tackle real-life political and social problems – especially when they’re as potentially divisive as the ones Scarlet Rebels are writing about.
“I don’t expect everybody to agree with me, but these are things that have happened, they’re facts. If people don’t want to listen, that’s tough,” says Wayne. “But the artists I grew up with talked about real issues, about what was going on, regardless of what people thought of them. We could have made an album full of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll, but we wanted something real.”
Real is exactly what See Through Blue is. And with it, Scarlet Rebels have made the rock’n’roll album the world needs right now.
#1 BAND OF THE YEAR – Great Music Stories 2019
#2 BAND OF THE YEAR – Great Music Stories 2020
#2 BEST LIVE ALBUM – New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWOCR)
#3 BEST NEW BAND – Planet Rock Awards 2021
Scarlet Rebels are:
Wayne Doyle (vocals/guitar)
Chris Jones (lead guitar)
Josh Townshend (guitar)
Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde (bass)
Gary Doyle (drums)
Location: Llanelli, Wales
Album pre-order:


Here’s what they are saying…
These Welsh rockers pummel feeling into every note of this big-hearted single, Take You Home. Verses find the band packing in the riffs and building momentum, but it’s the chorus that really flies – making good on the Bon Jovi and Foo Fighters records that inspired them. It all builds up to a soaring sweet spot that makes it suddenly easy to picture them thriving on big stages.
Polly Glass, Classic Rock Magazine
A truly outstanding release – 10/10
Geoff Wootton, Powerplay Magazine

‘Show Your Colours’ is quite possibly the most impressive new rock album of 2019 – 5/5
Album of the month
Guy Bellamy, Great Music Stories

Scarlet Rebels manage that most seductive of combinations… hard-as-nails guitar chops and the kind of soaring, alt-infused choruses that instantly places them in a contemporary light.
Classic Rock Magazine
‘Show Your Colours’ is an album packed full of melodic, invigorating and emotive rock tunes that lift the senses, and illustrate the accomplished musicianship of the band. No wonder these guys are pulling crowds and building on their solid reputation as incredible songwriters and performers.
Down The Front
Scarcely giving the listener space to breathe, they fire off a series of frenzied riffs and pummelling choruses, giving them an anthemic harder edge while keeping a melodic handle on it. It’s a classic rock shakedown from the valleys.
Hugh Fielder, Classic Rock Magazine
One of the most scorching debut albums.
Planet Rock Magazine
Somewhere between Alter Bridge, Velvet Revolver and Tyketto, Scarlet Rebels know rock history, but in the present they deliver their own thing… Powerful, but also hook-oriented, always melodic-versed, and in a number like ‚Heal‘ also as experts familiar with the laws of song dynamics.
Frank Thiessies, Metal Hammer, Germany


Take You Home – Official Video

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