JULIAN SAS BAND – Verlegt auf den 27.11.2021 – Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit!
JULIAN SAS BAND – Verlegt auf den 27.11.2021 – Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit! Event liegt in Vergangenheit!
21.11.2020 (Sa)
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr
AK-Preis: Folgt
VVK-Preis* 25,00 €
* Exklusiver Abholpreis in der Harmonie bis 1 Tag vor Veranstaltungsbeginn.

Schon früh hat sich Julian Sas der Musik von Jimi HendrixAlvin LeePeter Green und Rory Gallagherverschrieben. Letzteren sah er mit 17 Jahren live und ist seitdem von ihm stark beeinflusst.

Seit Gründung der JULIAN SAS BAND im Jahre 1996 tourte er mit verschiedenen Besetzungen und hat nun inzwischen sein 15. Album auf dem Markt. Das Live-Album mit dem passenden Titel „Feelin´ Alive“ wurde während der „Coming Home Tour 2016“ aufgenommen.

Es ist geprägt von Blues, Bluesrock und Boogie, gespickt mit starken und schweren Hammondorgel-Sounds, schneidenden Gitarrensoli und starken Grooves.


Julian Sas has named his new album ‘Feelin Alive’. The gifted blues-rock guitarist/songwriter explains: „After many hours in the studio, it feels amazing every time, even after all these years, to go on stage and play our music for the audience. It makes me realize music is what I live for! Music and people have given me everything I wished for in life, so I feel really grateful. In a musical sense, this record reflects where we are now in our musical life. For me, it is a statement of honest music. It has got all different grooves and styles on it and it shows exactly how we feel when we are on stage, which is essential for a live recording!“

‘Feelin Alive’ is Julian Sas’s fifth live registration and the first as a foursome with new additions: Roland Bakker on keyboards and Fotis Anagnostou on Bass. Fans and critics looking closely at Sas, already noticed on his previous album ‘Coming Home’, a modest change of direction. Specially, the fat organ licks caught their attention. Julian Sas Band is an „always on the move“ band. It has always been searching for what makes the difference and pushing the boundaries of the genre.

Julian Sas: „It makes me feel really good to come up again with a new sound, because as a band on the move we are always looking for new input. I’m very excited about my ‘new’ band with Roland Baker on keyboards, the strong, reliable rhythm section of Rob Heijne on drums and Fotis Anagnostou on Bass. They are the best. For me it is important to make changes in both life and music. Otherwise, you would be standing still and you would get dried up musically. I write every day and I am always looking for musical places I have never been to before! With my band it is the same, we have never played a gig the same way as the night before. And to be honest, if we had to do that, it would probably drive us crazy! We are always exploring and searching musically, and we all have different musical backgrounds, which makes us strong.

Julian Sas, winner of ‚The European Blues Award for Best Artist 2016‘, is considered Europe’s premiere master of the electric blues-guitar. He recorded his first album in 1996 called „Where Will It End!?“, which is a question he is still unable to answer. Never?

Julian Sas is music-driven. Music is where his passion comes from. It’s his life. Music never stops and, in fact, he has also never thought about quitting!

His first contact with music was at the age of six, when he heard a Chuck Berry album at home. He started listening to records from that day on. Country, Jazz, Rock n roll, everything he could lay his hands on! The music and desire for a guitar almost drove his parents crazy. He finally got his first guitar when he was 13 years old and started practicing just by listening, without any lessons. A few months later, he was already in his first band. However, Julian experienced a life changing moment when, for the first time, he heard a Muddy Waters record brought to his parents’ house by a friend. That very moment, Julian decided to dedicate his life to blues and blues-rock. Four years later, Julian Sas attended a Rory Gallagher concert, which impressed him even more. He decided to become a professional musician, and he has been on the road ever since. Now, he faces one of the best and most popular live acts on the European club scene. The road goes on forever. So where will it end? Nobody knows! Julian Sas Guitar/Vocals Rob Heijne Drums Fotis Anagnostou Bass Roland Bakker Organ/Piano

VA: Mr. Music (Bernd „Bernie“ Gelhausen)